Onix Engineering Consultancy

Onix Culture

Good architecture transcends eras and cultures.

Onix Culture

A culture of design! . For us, aesthetics and functionality are essential and can be found in the small detail of a handrail as much as it can on the large scale of a city plan.

Our works reflect Regional Modernism and Dynamic principles by creating a relationship between the architecture and its environment, incorporating the culture of the region that will persist throughout the life of the building.

Client Involvement

Exceeding Expectations

From the beginning until the end, the client is an associate with us to succeed in the perfect project. 

We work together and we teach them as we learn from them.From the beginning until the end we design with the client for the client, with target the happiness and quality of life.

Committed to Deliver the Best Quality

Onix Quality
Policy Statement

Onix is committed to delivering a quality service at all times, that requires our Company to look beyond the present and to focus on the developments which will increase the value of the organization for all of its stakeholders, generate future competitiveness, lead to the delivery of services in a consistent manner, operate as a learning organization at all times and lead to more effective use of resources.

There are many average businesses in our sector, but the number of truly outstanding companies is few.Therefore, the journey to excellence requires our Company to ‘think’ as much as it does to ‘do’, and reflecting on what makes (or can make) our business special and unique is not time wasted, but the time saved because based on the answers we find to such questions, we will do more of the right things in future.

Onix is committed to providing design services, supervision, and consultancy services that satisfy our customers’ needs and expectations in safety, quality, reliability, competitiveness, and in a timely manner while complying with all relevant requirements, legislation, and standards. 

We are committed to continually improving how we deliver our services to our customer through the understanding of their requirements, application of the consistent methodology, improving our processes through lessons learned, and following our processes in a disciplined manner.

This can only be achieved through the support of our employees and their compliance at all times with our processes and procedures.

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